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Soul Sitter Certification for Health Care Organizations

Soul Sitter Certification is perfect for Hospice organizations and hospitals who support the terminally ill and their families,


Soul Sitter Certification for Individuals

Soul Sitter Certification is perfect for individuals who wish to learn the skills for guiding people gracefully through a time of life often overlooked - before the death of a loved one.


Passage Plan VIP day

The Soul Sitters Passage Plan VIP Day helps individuals, couples or families by providing focused support and guidance through the process of creating a practical and thoughtful action plan that provides peace of mind for both the dying and the living.


Guided Soul Sitter Experience

As a loved one nears their time of passage, life can suddenly feel uncertain, even chaotic, and you’re not sure what to do. We work intimately with families or individuals to create a positive, purposeful setting that comforts and guides as your loved one nears their time of passing.


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