When it’s time to say goodbye – and you have no idea where to start

As a loved one nears their time of passage, life can suddenly feel uncertain, even chaotic, and you’re not sure what to do. That’s where a Guided Soul Sitter Experience can help. It starts with an invitation for Soul Sitter muse Stacey Canfield to join your family in person, working intimately with entire families or individuals one-at-a-time to create a positive, purposeful setting that comforts and guides as your loved one nears their time of passing. Beyond practical guidance and clear directions, Stacey brings a depth of service and intimate connection well beyond expectations. Fear and uncertainty turns into focus and clarity as she helps loved ones learn how to be present during these precious moments, connecting, comforting and saying goodbye in a positive way.

Capturing your loved ones’ legacy

Photos – like memories – are a part of each person’s legacy. Stacey, an accomplished image and lifestyle photographer in addition to her passionate work with Soul Sitters, will also work to capture images that embody the life and love of all those who gather together at this special time.

A certain magic happens when Stacey records family moments, planned or spontaneous, as they unfold around your loved one whose time of passing is near. It’s like having a private photojournalist to capture unexpected moments of character, emotion, and connections, such as a shy smile, clasped hands, a pen scratching across paper, two heads bent together in prayer, or a child’s deep focus as a favorite book is read to them.

It’s a gift to be near your loved one as they reach their end of life. How much better would it be if they, and you, are surround by peace, purpose and a positive atmosphere that comforts all and helps them pass on lifted up by love, joy and contentment?

Call or email Stacey to learn more about our Guided Soul Sitters Experience today.


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