Learning how to guide souls through end of life experiences

The role of Soul Sitter is one of honor and privilege. It demands self-awareness in the presence of very personal, emotional and often dramatic circumstances. The training we offer for this unique calling allows you to develop the skills you need to truly connect with the people you work with, allowing them to create a positive space for a peaceful transition.

Soul Sitter Certification is perfect for people who work with organizations that support the terminally ill and their families, as well as individuals who wish to learn the skills for guiding people gracefully through a time of life that is often overlooked – before the death of a loved one.

Clients of our certification program include:

  • Hospice volunteers
  • Hospital employee
  • Life coaches
  • End-of-life educators
  • Health care professionals
  • Counselors and therapists
  • Funeral director

End of life training that exceeds expectations

Extreme emotion, indecision and confusion often affects the person who is preparing to pass on. This clouds their ability to ask for the comfort and care they want. Loved ones who gather in support are often plagued with the same issues, creating conflict and chaos.

The Soul Sitter Certification Program gives you the tools, knowledge and take-action confidence to connect with the people you work with at a deeper level, provide service and support they may not even realize they need, and create a positive experience during what can be a traumatic time.

The Soul Sitters Certification Program covers a variety of subjects all focused on developing your ability to help others during this important time of life. Here are a few topics we will focus on during certification training:

  • Creating a safe emotional space to say goodbye
  • Nurturing families and loved ones
  • Creating meaningful dialogue with the dying
  • Communicating with loved ones after they are gone
  • The Positive Grief Method: Honoring your loved one
  • Creating a Passage Plan: Equipping loved ones for attending your emotional, spiritual and physical needs during your passing.


Soul Sitter Certification can be added as another level of training to support your work as a hospice, counselor or volunteer. You can use it to create a business built on serving others. Or use it within your own family to guide friends and family in loving and peaceful purpose.
You are in a unique position to help others experience purposeful passages while realizing the blessings of living a more purposeful life within yourself.
We’re here to help you do it.

Call or email Stacey to learn more about our Soul Sitters Certification Program today.


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