What is a Soul Sitter?

A Soul Sitter is a caring individual who provides comfort or service to someone nearing
their end-of-life transition.. They can be:

  • A family member
  • A close friend
  • A health care professional
  • A clergy member
  • A hospice volunteer
  • A therapist or confidant
  • An end of life coach or guide

About Stacey Lievens

Founder and Visionary of Soul Sitters

Bestselling author and pioneering thought-leader, Stacey Lievens (formerly Stacey Canfield) empowers those facing the loss of a loved one with guidance and resources that transform a frightening time of life into an experience filled with hope, dignity and love.

Stacey created Soul Sitters to provide a comforting place of community and expert insight for those in need of guidance during a time of life often neglected - before the death of a loved one. Her mission is to raise awareness and help redefine how our culture approaches the subject of death and loss, making sure that people have the tools to help them navigate the grieving and healing process in time to say a “good” goodbye without regrets.

Lievens is author of “The Soul Sitter Handbook: What to do when a loved one is dying.” In addition, she is passionate about pre-death planning and provides a resource for families titled the “Passage Plan.” The creation of The Passage Plan was inspired as she reflected on her own experiences during the final days with her loved ones. Its purpose is to create an opportunity for open dialogue leading up to death and loss in a peaceful and loving way. Lievens' heartfelt workbook is practical and, once thoughtfully completed, provides peace of mind not only for the dying but for the living as well.

Keynote Speaker / Trainer / Mentor / Muse

When it comes to how our culture deals with the impending death of a loved one, Stacey Lievens is transforming traditional perceptions of grief, depression and denial into beauty, inspiration and peace. Stacey is an in-demand speaker, trainer, mentor and muse for organizations around the world, sharing her message of love and light through keynote speeches, workshops, and retreats – most recently a featured speaker for International Women’s Day at The Hague in the Netherlands, and for the Women Economics Forum in Vancouver.

Stacey has four signature presentations based on her best-selling book “The Soul Sitters Handbook; What to Do When Your Loved One is Dying.” Each topic can be delivered as a keynote or combined to create a one- to three-day intensive workshop or retreat. 


CLICK HERE to download our media kit to learn more about Soul Sitters and the various speaking options and opportunities Stacey can offer for you or your organization.


Hear Stacey's Interview

Listen to an important conversation with Stacey Lievens (formerly Stacey Canfield) and one of California's preeminent end-of-life voices, Dr. Bob Uslander on their message of hope for families facing the loss of a loved one. You'll learn how Stacey developed her tools for people who are supporting loved ones through their final chapter of life. She is also training professionals so they can be more comfortable with the conversations and provide these tools as a resource.

Listen in as Stacey and Dr. Bob discuss what it means to be a Soul Sitter.


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