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Lead the ones around you and learn to facilitate meaningful conversations as you support loved ones in their final days. 

COVID-19  UPDATE: At Soul Sitters we pride ourselves on our “Love First” approach to end-of-life education. Like you, we have been closely monitoring the updates from the CDC in regard to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). As your Soul Sitting guide, we understand these times of uncertainty may bring about some financial adversities. This is why we have created an opportunity to receive one of our signature teachings, The S.T.E.P.S., available to you in a free online mini-course titled:
How to Have A Soul Connected Conversation. Be safe fellow Soul Sitter!


How to Have a 
Soul Connected Conversation

There is a Soul Sitter in Each of Us

The Truth about Soul Sitting...
When you know what to do,
it transforms you from anxious to calm as you navigate the heartbreak
of transition and loss

Who is a Soul Sitter?

Wether you are a close loving relative or medical professional,
the compassionate space created with your dying loved one qualifies
you to be a Soul Sitter. Below are two general categories:

  • The Individual 

    A Soul Sitter is a caring individual who provides comfort or service to someone nearing their end-of-life transition. This may include being present for their final breath. This list of people include:

    family members, close friends and neighbors.  

  • The Team

    A team of medical professionals who are part of a the journey
    of a patient's final transition. These people may include:

    doctors, nurses, in-home caregivers, social workers, therapists, hospice volunteers and clergy.


Who is Soul Sitters for?

Originally designed as emotional support training for hospitals, caregivers and hospices ,
this training was provided to help the families in the final stages of their dying loved one.
Now family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues can all benefit from using the Soul Sitter tools.
But most times, people fall into vulnerable categories they are too fearful to admit.

  • The Uneasy Visitor

    For those not knowing how to act when they visit and their frail loved ones, Soul Sitters help people become emotionally prepared to see loved ones in their final stages.

  • The Speechless

    Soul Sitters helps alleviate emotionally overwhelm by providing support tools to put feelings into words so you can have that soul connected conversation.

  • The One In Denial

    For those who don't want to face this final time at all, we help create a safe space to face the inevitable with more peace and calm.


  • The Contrite

    Sometimes a loved one's terminal illness comes at an inconvenient time when guilt engulfs our efforts to visit.  We help make your moments together meaningful.



The Right Tool at the Right Time

Imagine having the ability to confidently engage in a compassionate 

conversation with someone anchored in the grief process. 
Learning the subtleties ​of soul sitting will be a portable skill you
can access whenever you need to comfort the heartbroken.

Introducing the Ultimate

Soul Sitter Training 

Self-paced courses that provide tools and support to help you
navigate the the quality time left with your loved one before their
final goodbye. 


Meet Stacey Lievens

Best-selling author and pioneering thought-leader, Stacey Lievens (formerly Stacey Canfield) empowers those facing the loss of a loved one with guidance and resources that transform a frightening time of life into an experience filled with hope, dignity and love.


Stacey created Soul Sitters to provide a comforting place of community and expert insight for those in need of guidance during a time of life often neglected - before the death of a loved one. Her mission is to raise awareness and help redefine how our culture approaches the subject of death and loss, making sure that people have the tools to help them navigate the grieving and healing process in time to say a “good” goodbye without regrets.


"How wonderful to have some universal guidelines and tools that anyone can adopt and apply to be the most comforting and effective when called upon to help your loved ones at the time when you are most needed."

Dr. Bob Uslander

Integrated Life Care Foundation

"Soul Sitters provides an avenue for those caring
for the dying to embrace
the experience for themselves while ensuring a quality
of life while dying for
those facing the reality of death."

Linda Strause, PhD

Strategic Clinical Consultants, Principal 

"Stacey holds your hand through a difficult process so that you can hold the hand of your loved one with confidence, love and grace. This book will transform your relationships and your own peace with transition.​"

Joyce O'Brien

Best Selling Author Choose to Live


...shows us how to say farewell in a deeply connected, heart-filled, sacred, loving way

"At a time of passing when most people feel inept and awkward about to how to be appropriate to their departing beloved, your work shows exactly how to see into the entire journey as sacred and the exact steps to take to satisfy each one's soul. Soul Sitters helps to lessen the anticipated dread and fear of losing a loved one. And it shows us how to say farewell in a deeply connected, heart-filled, sacred, loving way -
as well as how to continue the relationship in a new and perhaps equally
meaningful way from the other side. "


"Stacey Lievens has done a wonderful job explaining how people can provide love and care to the dying.
Not only will this book help the ordinary person facing the death of a loved one, but also professional care-givers. She provides useful insights that will encourage many people."


Dr. George Pratt

Author, Instant Emotional Healing

"Finally, a guide to help through the toughest of times. The Soul Sitter's Handbook is like a good friend's arm around your shoulder. Comforting and thoughtful. This is one of the best books I have read on loss and the healing power of staying in the present moment."


Rebecca Williams, PhD

Author, The Gift of Recovery


" Stacey Lievens created a movement that transforms our cultural beliefs of fear and denial into beauty, grace and inspiration.
Read her book,
The Soul Sitters Handbook and allow your heart to be touched and restored."



Dr. Michael Sasevich 

Robotic Heart Transplant Surgeon

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