Showing the way to a personal and thoughtful goodbye

Stacey Lievens creates a meaningful experience for the dying
and the ones they leave behind.

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Welcome to the Soul Sitter community, a protected haven of love and compassion created to support and serve you.

There is a great truth about Soul Sitting: when you know what to do it transforms you from anxious to confident as you navigate the stormy seas of transition and loss.

In this fast-paced world we live in, few plan for their death or make an attempt to let their loved ones know how they want to live as they approach their time of passing. Soul Sitters was created to provide guidance and support for connecting with loved ones and learning how to create a place of peace, purpose and love as they near their time of passing.

End of life issues can be scary and confusing. By its very nature, death is something we avoid and don’t talk about, so when the time comes to face the inevitable, chaos, confusion and doubt reign.

Founder Stacey Lievens (formerly Stacey Canfield) created Soul Sitters to help others make crucial decisions about their own end of life and create a blueprint for their loved ones to follow when the time comes. In her calling as a Soul Sitter, Stacey has authored a variety of resources for end of life planning, in addition to addressing thousands around the world empowering them to live a more purposeful life by helping others realize a positive, peaceful passage.

Get Support with the
Soul Sitters Handbook

'The Soul Sitter’s Handbook, What to Do When Your Loved One is Dying,' offers purposeful and simple methodologies for anyone facing the death of a loved one. Because our relationship with and love for each person tends to be different, it is safe to say that the experience of death is unique in each instance. 'The Soul Sitter’s Handbook' holds your hand each step of the way and provides you with simple yet effective ways to support your loved one, even in your own sorrow. It focuses on sensible issues, such as when to call in hospice and how to be a patient’s advocate but also reaches into the heart and helps with less tangible care, such as conversation and connection. 'The Soul Sitter’s Handbook' offers solutions and protocols that give the dying person the dignity we all deserve in the last moments of our life. A must read if you are faced with saying goodbye.


"My work as a counselor over 30 some years involved children, families, and adults coping with many different life stressors. Now retired, and a Hospice volunteer, I have entered into the realm of dying, and grief, and finding joy in life. Taking the Soul Sitter training has given me new ideas and tools for serving others with deeper understanding, and kindness. In turn I have been allowed the privilege of being part of their lives. My soul continues be touched by them. Stacey teaches comforting and respectful tools to honor all involved."

Linda May
MFT, Hospice Volunteer

Soul Sitter Certification

Soul Sitter Certification is perfect for people who work with organizations that support the terminally ill and their families, as well as individuals who wish to learn the skills for guiding people gracefully through a time of life often overlooked - before the death of a loved one.


Passage Plan VIP day

The Soul Sitters Passage Plan VIP Day helps individuals, couples or families by providing focused support and guidance through the process of creating a practical and thoughtful action plan that provides peace of mind for both the dying and the living.


Guided Soul Sitter Experience

As a loved one nears their time of passage, life can suddenly feel uncertain, even chaotic, and you’re not sure what to do. We work intimately with families or individuals to create a positive, purposeful setting that comforts and guides as your loved one nears their time of passing.


Book Stacey to Speak

Stacey is an in-demand speaker, trainer, mentor and muse for organizations around the world, sharing her message of love and light through keynote speeches, workshops, and retreats – most recently a featured speaker for International Women’s Day at The Hague in the Netherlands, and for the Women Economics Forum in Vancouver.


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