The Positive Grief Method

In the heaviness of loss and sadness of missing your loved one, the Positive Grief Method is designed to take a quiet moment of reflection to focus on the gifts your lost family member or friend has left behind.  The deeper meaning of the gift is wrapped in layers of love. Treat yourself today to find your unique symbol that will ease to mind and lift your spirit.  

I literally have a mental shelf for my symbols. Any tube of red lipstick triggers a memory of Grandma Green. A tiara reminds me of Grandy. Aunt Mary’s collection of angels became my symbol for her. Any chosen symbol for a loved one is something that reminds you of them. It is a tangible and often a tactile object that links you to your loved one in a positive and loving way. This will not stop you from feeling what you are feeling but will instead give you space and permission to feel it. 

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