Book Stacey to Speak at Your Organization

Stacey Canfield mentors with three signature talks based on the triads of Soul Care outlined in the Amazon best seller The Soul Sitters Handbook; What To Do When You Loved One Is Dying. Each topic may be delivered as a keynote or be combined to fit in a one-three day intensive workshop or retreat.

The Art of Soul Sitting

  • Learn the basics of soul sitting with Stacey Canfield’s own methods for end-of -life soul care.
  • Attendees are introduced to the Triad of Soul Sitting (commonly referenced as the “soul sitter’s three legged stool ”) which includes The S.T.E.P.S.,
  • The Positive Grief Method and The Passage Plan.

90 minutes

The Secret behind the S.T.E.P.S

Learn how to create a safe emotional space to present with the heartbroken. (This method applies not just to the dying, but to the survivor, divorced, jobless depressed or addicted.)

60 minutes

Discover the Positive Grief Method

Uncover a comforting tool that provides strength and meaning to the lost loved one. Participants will design their own totem that honors their loved one and carries their legacy forever. (This exercise may be taught lecture only or may involve a more artistic portion of discovery)

60 minutes or 120 minutes with art expression

Your Soul’s Advocate

Become your own soul’s advocate by carefully reflecting your spiritual, emotional and physical desires when it’s your time to pass. This thoughtful reflection exercise has proven to provide a powerful shift from fearing death to embracing life. Attendees are introduced to five basic pillars of the Passage Plan

60 minutes

Speaking Opportunities

Stacey Canfield is available to speak to your group in a number of different ways. Take a look at the options below; let us know if one works for you, or if we can design something that meets your specific needs.

Keynote Speaker

A thought-provoking and stimulating presentation is a great way to engage a conference or meeting or serve as the highlight. Stacey connects with audiences by introducing the mission of Soul Sitting and its powerful healing message. Well before you may be faced with the untimely circumstance of losing a loved one, this enriching content is valuable and applicable in everyday living.

60-90 minutes

Keynote Bonus

For longer keynote programs, Stacey can expand on her keynote presentation to engage audiences with her material and each other. She facilitates thoughtful and interactive exchange that transforms peoples perception on the topic of death to the possibilities of living your best life by maximizing the time you have left.

2-4 hours

Soul Sitter Workshops by Stacey

Stacey’s workshops include an engaging combination of exercises and activities that are focused on sharing soul sitting stories of inspiration. Stacey facilitates the day around the three pillars of Soul Care found in The Soul Sitter’s Handbook. (The S.T.E.P.S, The Positive Grief Method and The Passage Plan)

4-6 hours

Multiple-Day Training and Retreats

When one day isn’t enough, Stacey offers multiple-day training for Hospice staff or volunteer corps. In addition, retreats for family grief support groups or individuals wanting to explore the depths of preparing their Soul Sitter inspired Passage Plan. Stacey’s most powerful retreat experience, Love and Legacy Two Day Intensive focuses specifically on the two most popular pillars of the Passage Plan; Affirm & Amend and Legacy.

10-15 hours