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There is a great truth about Soul Sitting: when you know what to do it transforms you from anxious to confident as you navigate the stormy seas of transition and loss. After building the Soul Sitter community for the past several years, there seems to be four common concerns that people share.


1)  I am afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing and need some guidance so my loved one feels supported, heard, honored and loved.

2)  How can I feel comfortable with my fears and still be completely present when I see them, especially for the first time?

3)  I am facing a serious illness or diagnosis and I want my friends and family to be at ease in our relationship. How can I help them communicate and do this so our connection remains authentic and comfortable?

4)  I feel helpless as either the person facing loss or as the one supporting a loved one facing a serious challenge. I know I cannot change what is happening, but is there a way for me to feel relevant and of service?

5)  I feel alone. Is there any simple things I can do to reconnect to the people I love and care about? 


We at Soul Sitters realized that if you knew what to do in the face of a serious illness or loss, it could give you courage to think more clearly, make wise choices and connect with those you love. Since the majority of people confronted with tragedy, loss or serious challenge often feel alone, it is hard to know how to close the enormous gap that materializes when loss appears on the horizon. Soul Sitters is designed to help fill those lonely and overwhelming gaps.


The "doing" part is easy; the "being" part is far more difficult. If called to action most of us can rebuild a house, start a fundraiser, or gather charitable contributions. Until now, there has been no template, map or GPS to guide us through the rocky road of endings. The Soul Sitter methods provide that map and offers loving suggestions to help navigate the inevitable ends that are part of life's natural process.


Maya Angelou reminds us: People forget what we say and what we have done but they never forget how we made them feel. Using the Soul Sitter methods help you feel comfortable and authentic in your own skin so your presence is a gift of reassurance and love. As we learn to trust ourselves and our hearts we trust our intuition. Kindness and compassion, communication and tolerance, understanding and personal connection becomes our language, the very foundation of the Soul Sitter message.


* You can feel confident as a Soul Sitter;

* You can learn to build a bridge that will help you cross each challenging experience effectively;

* You can learn to receive help and support using Soul Sitter tools; 

* There is a path to peace with each challenging or sorrowful experience.


We invite you to register and become part of the Soul Sitter community. We also invite you to take advantage of our many free gifts. You will not be inundated with emails nor will your information be shared with another site or business. You are safe here.


With our deepest sympathy and with great love and acknowledgement for your beautiful life,


Soul Sitters


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Soul Sitter Defined

Definition of a Soul Sitter


Soul Sitter (sohl-sit-er) noun 1. A caring individual who is present to provide comfort or service to a person who is passing from this life. 2. A member of a caring team; family, clergy, medical professionals and others who console a person facing imminent death. 3. Anyone who comforts and offers support to another facing an end of life event: death, divorce, lost job, tragedy, acts of God or any other event that dramatically affects the flow of that person’s day to day life.









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