Discover the Miracle of Dialogue


Sometimes the role of a Soul Sitter involves precious hours of sitting with an in-firmed loved one. Finding topics of comfortable conversation can sometimes become difficult and even awkward.

The MIRACLE DIALOGUE DECK opens the door to a wonderful time of sharing.

The MIRACLE DIALOGUE DECK is designed to:

  • Encourage meaningful conversations through the gift of positive thoughts and memories.
  • Spark easy and lighthearted communication with family and friends.
  • Create an heirloom legacy of little known facts about your loved one.
  • Be fun, simple and easy to use, even by children.
  • Be available for immediate access by a simple download and print on any computer

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Thank you for your interest in Soul Sitters and the helpful tool, the Miracle Dialogue Deck.  We hope you find comfort in its mission to support those saying the last goodbye to our loved ones.

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Stacey Canfield

Founder of Soul Sitters

A comforting community for those who are facing the loss of a loved one.

Author of  The Soul Sitter’s Handbook:

What to do when a loved one is dying.

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